/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

The day is almost over, here where I l live and it’s time for me to do a little reflecting. I made a huge pot of soup yesterday, so I would have it to eat throughout today. My intentions have failed today, or that is sure the way it feels to me.

Later in the afternoon, I did wind up eating a little bit of the soup, but had no original plans to eat out. However, the Trio, complete with a veggie sandwich, loaded potato soup, and Caesar salad, from Nanny Goats did hit the spot. I also was not successful in passing up the mini candy bars.

On top of all that, I joined a Healthy Wage Challenge to get back on track with my “Fit and Fabulous by 50” goals. I’ll have to elaborate more on that soon! I have been recruiting for that as well.

For now, I will know that tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start is definitely in order. More organization and some list completions will also be expected.

I love cheering you on with your journey. Thanks for rooting for me too!

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