/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Since I started the keto way of eating, I find myself drinking substance with less caffeine than I would have I usually drink one cup of coffee per day. I use heavy whipping cream and stevia in my coffee, but still stop with the one cup.

However, there are those days…….

Those days that one cup of coffee just doesn’t get it. When I feel like there are a couple of backpacks attached to my person and I am just dragging myself along. Like I have a bazillion things to do and can’t seem to get out of my own way.

Maybe it is a lack of sleep. We all know that is a real thing. We also know that sleep is extremely important, yet if you’re anything like me, night time rolls around and I am like – boing, boing, boing…..

Well maybe not the boing, but I feel like it is a wind down of the mind powers, for lack of a better way to put it. I go to my room and it is my quiet time, my “me time”. Anyone else like that?

I am sure we all have “our thing” that helps us to wind down. So for those days that follow, until I figure out a better system, it will simply be a two cup of coffee kind of day – or it could be three. (*wink)

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