/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Shooting videos is fun and annoying at the same time. First off, we are in the learning stages. Trying to discover everything we can.

This is something that I find fascinating, yet exhausting at times. There is SO MUCH WORK involved! I now have an additional respect for those that work in television. Everyone that works to bring us entertainment put in much more effort than we realize.

We have started recording a lot of stuff. I have this desire to not only blog, but to vlog as well. I am dragging my sweet husband – kicking and screaming (only literal on some days).

We have started investing countless hours, educating ourselves to accomplish our goals. Then even more hours of footage has started filling the spaces of our hard drives.

I remember making a video out of splicing together VHS tapes for a trailer for my Pastor to intertwine in his message, but gone are those dinosaur days.

However, as I sit here writing to tell you all about it,  I remember how much crazy fun it was!

I say crazy, because if you only knew how much work I put in to that and I say fun, because of the joy I got out of it.

I heard that you don’t always know what you’re born to do, but you just might discover it along the way…..

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