/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Posts, posts, and more posts. This is what I really want to do, but I am coming to realize that I need to be a spontaneous writer, lol. I get some – what I think are – amazing ideas and immensely, passionate ones.

Then POOF! In a flash, the thought is gone. I try to come back to it, but the message is lost in my mind, amid the vast compartments that exist. I frantically start searching. But feel a bit overwhelmed at the massive wall, I see in my mind; full of a library catalog.

Do you remember those; the library catalogs we had before the internet gave way to vast amounts of information, in a milli-instant? Our minds are even more powerful than the internet, yet so many don’t even use them.

Back to my own search. I envision a smaller version of myself, inside my own mind, like the Disney movie – Inside Out. I begin pulling open each drawer, thumbing through each file, extensively. After finding nothing that sparks a memory, I move on to the next and to the next.

Even as fast as my “Ms KnowsMore” is able to move, there are still files left untouched, before I am given to boredom with this daunting task. So I move on, in hopes that something – a conversation, an item, a song – anything, gives a flicker to ignite the flame of recollection.

Until then, I’ll be here…… in my sentiment……. waiting……..

See you soon!

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