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Jeep Badge of Honor

Jeep Badge of Honor

It has been very interesting to me at the amount of Jeep owners that do not know about the Jeep Badge of Honor program. The general consensus has been the same. I have been spreading the word and have also been very excited about it for us!

We just had the opportunity to go to Moab, Utah. In this area, there are many trails to complete that will yield a badge. Where do these badges go? That’s for you to decide!

We have seen several ideas over the course of time, with so many amazing choices! I’m still kind of fond of the traditional front of the driver’s door. But wherever you choose, be sure to display the love.

It is SO fun to see all of the different spots AND see all of the different places people have visited!

We will have a video soon, but in the meantime – please be sure to share pics of yours with us in the comments! I am looking forward to seeing where you have been! I am also very interested in seeing where everyone puts their badges!



Metal Masher – Jeep Badge of Honor Trail – A Review

Metal Masher – Jeep Badge of Honor Trail – A Review

This was an amazing Badge of Honor trail that yielded zero disappointments! It was the first one with a company of friends. We had viewed videos and other research to ensure this venture would be accessible to us. We haven’t built the jeep up as much as others have.

Metal Masher Review

This trail has a beautiful array of scenery. From the high, cliff, shelf roads to the long valley trails the majestic, creation exhibits the Hand of God!

At around the mid-point of the route, is Arth’s Rim. It is 1300 ft up and overlooks highway 191. It is absolutely, breath-taking! But stay away from the edge. I do not like “heights” so I just stayed close to the jeep.

There are many, very, challenging obstacles, but most of them have a bypass around. If you don’t choose the detour, just be aware. You are going to want a lift and better-than-stock tires. I recommend at least a 2.5 inch lift. Also we are running 35 inch tires and still smacked our rock rails>

We also may or may not have squished our tailpipe. Ok we did, but we didn’t buy the jeep to sit in a garage or to simply be a mall-crawler! Just use caution, pick a line, and don’t regret it!

If you have dared to attempt it, drop a comment below! I would LOVE to hear about it!

Metal Masher will be a MUST do over for us!

Fins and Things – Jeep Badge of Honor Trail – A Review

Fins and Things – Jeep Badge of Honor Trail – A Review

After finally arriving in Moab, we found our townhouse, unpacked, met up with our friends for a bit. Then came the planning.


Most everyone had arrived a day or two before we did and we found out they had already been on an escapade that caused some distress. Have you every heard that JEEP stands for – just empty every pocket? As it turns out, they weren’t planning any trail-riding fun the next day, because they had parts to retrieve.

So Brad and I decided to explore on our own. Prior research had revealed Fins and Things to be a good starter trail. There are many reviews out there proving this trail can be done in a stock Rubicon. I have also heard it called a baby trail, compared to many others.

I suppose it is a matter of perception, which I learned a little about during this trip. Obstacles appear so much differently from inside the jeep than it looks being on the outside filming.


First sight, doesn’t appear as much. Driving along the slick rock (which really isn’t slick, but is sticky – go figure), it is smooth sailing. Then just around the corner comes the fun. You drive through powdery, sand and then up hill and back down. From the inside of the jeep feels like you’re just going to topple over. But of course, that’s part of the perception deception.

I truly learned SO MUCH, and for the first Badge of Honor completion, I wasn’t let down.

Traveling in America The Beautiful

Traveling in America The Beautiful

We are leaving for a jeep adventure trip soon! Our first stop will still be in Texas. When you live on one side of Texas and you need to another state on the opposite side of the state, you will still be in the same state.


Traveling across Texas is like traveling to another country. We take a family vacation every year and for about 10 years now, it has been to Georgia. When entering Texas via I-20W, the first mile marker is 635. So to travel to other side of the state, it will take many hours or days depending on your excursion habits.

I love to travel. I blame my parents. We navigated through much of the eastern half of the United States during my younger years. But I haven’t seen much of the west.

I am fortunate enough to have seen so many things that other people only dream about, but yet there is still so much to experience. For this exploit, we will venture across Texas to New Mexico, where we will visit family.


Then we will shoot up through the edge of Arizona – a state I haven’t been to yet. But I’ll take what I can get. Then to our stop at Moab, Utah – also another state I haven’t been to.

We will remain in Utah for several days, where we will meet up with some friends and venture out for some trail running and rock-crawling in our jeeps! It is going to be SO FUN!

After that, Brad and I will make a couple of day pit stop in Colorado, on our way home, for a few more trails.

I am super excited, because our goals include several Jeep Badge of Honor Trails. Do you know about this program? If not, you should look into it!

I hope you decide to follow along and check out some of these adventures with us!


The Jeep Journey

The Jeep Journey

I am going to give you a little back story. As many of you may have already read, or watched on one of our videos, Brad and I actually have very little in common. I realize this happens often in marriage. Joe McGee says that we marry our opposites as God’s design. However, I would love to meet people that are as polar opposite as we are, that make it work.


I did just said the right word, though…… WORK. Marriage takes a lot of it!

Our commonalities include our children and grandchildren, of course. Without all of them, there would be no Power Family and we have Jesus, because truly HE is our sure foundation.

Other than that, we both like to shoot guns. But the ins and outs of a gun, I don’t know extreme detail. Brad on the other hand, can tell you every intricate part.

Brad had talked about us getting a jeep for a couple of years, off and on. But I can’t say that I was much on board for us buying one.


When we first met, I owned a Jeep Comanche truck. Brad swears it was falling apart. That thing had taken a beating and kept on ticking. The radiator was literally duct taped. (Hey don’t judge, it worked.)

So all of the talking turned into browsing. Then the browsing turned into looking often. Before we knew it, there was a hunt on to find “the one”. I can honestly tell you that I still wasn’t sure how much I was on board. But it started getting fun.

Then one day….. Brad found, what would soon be THE ONE! He put our friend, Matt Jackson on the job and VIOLA!


That Jeep Wave

That Jeep Wave


When we first bought our Wrangler, back in May 2019, I had to share our news. The first thing my brother asked me, “have you been practicing your Jeep wave?”

Ummmmm, no, because I had no clue what he was talking about. What was a Jeep wave? I truly thought he was joking. He assured me that it wasn’t a prank

So I asked Brad if he knew and of course that was a huge yes! (I’ll spare you the emojis, but you can insert facepalm here.) There was no need to practice. He already had his Jeep wave down, from prior year’s experiences.



Nothing stopped him from extending this gesture to other Jeep owners. Not even me saying, “Sweety, they are literally in the far lane on the complete other side of the highway and there is no way, under the sun, they can begin to hope to see you waving.” Nope! Nothing!

I have also been extremely bewildered by the amount of Jeep owners/drivers that do not return his gesture. If this is supposed to be a “thing”, then why isn’t it actually one? Are there that many, like me, who truly don’t (or should I say didn’t) know about this unwritten code?



To the internet I went. With so much information out there, the chances of coming up empty-handed are void. How did we ever survive before Google became so easily utilized?

Of course, Jeep has decided to jump on the wave bandwagon and have implemented a program called Jeep Wave. This is open to newer Jeep owners – 2015 and newer. It also appears to be available to leased Jeeps, although I have no idea why anyone would do such a thing. But that is for another time and post.



I wasn’t completely disappointed. My digging got several hits and then landed on the Urban Dictionary. The hope was to find some dated material that spanned farther than the last few short years. Apparently the Urban Dictionary is a “written by you” site, meaning anyone can contribute. I found some input from one such user, Phil Timms, who holds the “top definition” spot, which was posted in 2008 and I found again posted on CJPonyParts website in 2019, in a blog post titled, “The Jeep Wave Explained“.



Jeep Wave – Phil Timms – July 10, 2008

The Rules of the WAVE

Owning, registering, insuring, or driving a Jeep implies knowledge of and intent to abide by the following rules. Failure to obey the rules may result in your being ignored by other Jeep owners as you sit along the side of the road next to your stalled vehicle in a blizzard surrounded by Saturns, Yugos, and Hyundais.

Definition: The Jeep Wave

An honor bestowed upon those drivers with the superior intelligence, taste, class, and discomfort tolerance (exception to 97 and newer Jeep owners) to own the ultimate vehicle Рthe Jeep. Generally consists of either a raised hand waving or 4 fingers extended upward from the steering wheel, but may be modified to suit circumstances and locally accepted etiquette.

Examples of commonly accepted modifications:

Top off: One handed wave above windshield or outside body tub.

Top off during blizzard: Shiver and nod, hands may remain frozen to steering wheel.

Southern/rural locations: No wave, just a nod.

General Rules:

1. All Jeepers are responsible for upholding the tradition of the Wave. It seems that generally the Jeep Wave is only practiced by Jeep owners driving the following Jeep vehicles; CJ, YJ, TJ, JK.

2. All Jeepers are required to return the Wave even if it’s a Grand Cherokee or Compass.

3. Do not EVER wave to Hummers, even if you know the person.

Guy 1 is driving his Jeep and sees another Jeep so he gives the Jeep Wave. Guy 2 waves back
So we had ventured to the outskirts of Dallas on January 24, 2020 (more details on that trip later) and wouldn’t you know it, but it happened! Time to mark it on the calendar! I saw it with my own eyes! Brad got it! He got a wave back!!

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