/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

It’s been a few weeks and we are in full blown vacation mode! Have you ever been close to that “day”, ready for those designated days off and just – BAM! – your mind is mush? Or at the very least that is the way it feels.

I need a little angel to run around with me to make sure everything gets accomplished accordingly or a note with step by step instructions, that God-forbid, I would have to remember to actually read.

This is how the end of my January month plays out and has been for the last 10+ years and wouldn’t you know it?! We are there again! It is that time of year!

February is right around the corner! And what that means for us, is that annual family vacation time! I was out with the girls and Dalton last night and we were talking about how we get in that mindset – January is here and we all start talking it up. Then the chatter fades, but only for a moment.

So today, the countdown begins as there are SO many things that must be accomplished before checking out!

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