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There are a million other people out there that can tell you so much more about Disney’s Old Key West Resort. I am just going to tell you about my experience in a 3 bedroom villa.

The resort is set up like many other resorts, with buildings scattered about. Each one with it’s own unique details, yet much of the same to keep uniformity.

Disney touts Old Key West as being inspired by the Florida Keys. I have been on the Disney website and it appears that the 3 bedroom villas are only available to DVC members (Disney Vacation Club).

We arrived at night, but I remember, before we ever walked in the door, there was a very beachy, vibe to the entire place. On inside the door, it was all an open concept with very tall ceilings. To the left was a staircase, leading to the second floor. Then on past that was the large, full sized kitchen, and straight ahead was the sitting area.

Venturing up the steps, there was a walk way around the outside walls, instead of having a closed second story. Some might even call it some sort of catwalk. This lead to the two bedrooms upstairs.

Each of the bedrooms upstairs had 2, YES TWO, queen sized beds in EACH of them! Now when I tell you this, I want you to picture a small hotel room, but not too small, because there are two queen sized beds in them. Each of these bedrooms was complete with a full sized bathroom. The room looked like another hotel inside this villa and there were two! BUT WAIT!


When I told you about us walking in the front door, I stated everything to the left. But to the right was a half bath and on around the corner was another bedroom with a king sized bed and a full bathroom. Again, imagine a hotel room! The bedrooms were literally like hotel rooms inside this huge villa.

The sitting area, or what most of us call the living room, had a couple of couches that also pulled out into beds. There was certainly no lack of sleeping space.

We only were there overnight, so our time and my exploring nature was very limited. But the next morning I had time to check out the deck, off of the living room. I found that we were planted in the middle of the golf course.

I would love to go and stay again, maybe for a couple of days. I could do some serious investigating with a couple of days AND I will be sure to have a much better camera handy.

My Rapture List (the things I would like to do before Jesus comes back, although Jesus coming back would be far greater! But should HE tarry for any amount of time) includes staying on Disney property at every single resort.

Til next time…… too da loo!

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