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This post is about a game. YES! A game, so don’t be a hater.

Y’all! I am SO excited that the Tower Challenge has started! My favorite part of the DMK game is collecting characters. This is the fourth Tower Challenge.

I started playing Disney’s Magic Kingdom game during the Mulan event, but I didn’t start soon enough to complete the event. This wound up being a bummer for me because Mulan is my favorite!

As the next events came and went, I worked hard each time to make sure I was able to get all of the characters. But no matter how much effort I made for each event, the only chance of adding the Mulan character to my Kingdom was to play a game of chance. NOPE! A big fat NOPE!

The games of chance are completely random AND it costs money. While I may not be opposed to spending a little bit of money on a game, I’m not going to just throw it away.

Before you judge me for spending money on a game. Let’s evaluate this – sometimes I go to Starbucks and don’t think twice about tossing $5-6 buck for what my husband calls a “fru-fru” drink. No I don’t do this often, but I don’t spend money on my game very often either, so to each their own.

There are also ways to earn money online so technically you don’t have to  spend real money ever and truly the game can be played (and you can enjoy it just as much) by never spending one dime. So you do you, Boo Boo.

For this challenge, the final prize is Cri-Kee and while I will work to collect everything needed to obtain him, my ultimate goal is to get Mulan!

If you don’t have the game, go download it.

What is your favorite part of the game? Who is your favorite character?

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