/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Princess Ellora Paige! The anticipation of another baby is exciting. But when due dates come and go, it becomes daunting.

We have been on “baby watch” for more than 2 days now. The anticipation has grown into frustration and just simply being perplexed. You see, most of us live by a calendar.

Babies don’t care what your calendar is. They come when they want to. Yes, yes I know, God has a perfect plan. (I hope you heard the sarcasm in my voice.)

Seriously though, God does have a perfect plan and it isn’t always what we want it to be. Yet I know what HIS Word says. Psalm 37:4 promises that if I am delighting myself in the Lord that HE WILL give me the desires and secret petitions of my heart.

So I will rest in HIS promises, while we wait……

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