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A couple of days ago, my sweet daughter-in-love (because I don’t believe in “in-laws” or “out-laws”, as some may like to put them), Kim, rearranged our living room. Making room for lots of seating areas for everyone when they come over.

Then, last night we had another family pow wow (or whatever you want to call it). The time we all sit around together and encourage each other, find out where we are in our little journeys of life, and to motivate each other to move up higher.

I was trying to be sneaky with some “real life” pics, so you can’t really see everyone’s faces and the lighting sucks because, well nothing is staged in these shots, lol. We were all sitting and waiting to get started, but once the conversation started, everyone was so engaged and it was very enlightening.


(Note: don’t mind the toys strewn all over, this is one of the games the babies still love to do.)

One of the things I love so much is that we really work to embolden one another. To share where we are and by doing this, we hold each other accountable. We also see our own flaws and honestly come up with our own solutions to squash our set backs. Which put the individual in control of the final results, not allowing room for excuses.

These are the days that truly make my heart the most happy and we will keep moving higher!



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