/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Technology or paper? That is the question of my moment. I am working on my schedule, my face is in my computer, paper and pen all around me, trying to decide which to choose and I get a message from my Mother-In-Love, reminding me that my husband’s dad has a doctors appt on my only day off.

Time to rearrange my itinerary. I’m still working to schedule my priorities, a work in progress, but my in-laws are important to me, as is their well being. Since I am the nurse in the family, this makes me the go to source for anything health related. Usually my positional stance is, if the answer is “no” to, is there blood gushing? bones poking out? not breathing? We don’t visit the doctor. But they tell me nurses are the worst patients.

But with the in-laws, (whom, going forward, I shall lovingly refer to as “the grandparents”) I have to rearrange things I had previously put on my, already packed, calendar. Yes they are that important!

What happens to my schedule? I learn that sometimes part of scheduling my priorities becomes a “go with the flow” kind of day.

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