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So I wrote recently about working on a new budget. When I changed my lifestyle and implemented keto. As time went on, there were days that seemed to be a struggle. Seemingly, extended periods of zero weight loss. I had to remind myself that I was sure I didn’t gain a bunch of weight overnight. Let’s be honest, no one goes to bed 129lbs (while I have been a bit smaller in my life, this is most likely my BMI ideal weight) and wakes up the next day at 193lbs (sadly, my topped out number).

The same can be said for a budget. When I became a nurse, the money was sure much better than when I had been a manager in retail, a hotel auditor, or a pharmacy tech (this was the job I had right before entering nursing school and barely made over minimum wage). I had secured my first nursing job right before graduation and as soon as my degree was in hand, my hourly wage went up by almost double.

I had to agree to work weekend option and night shift to obtain the highest rate of pay, which then was 12.50hr base, with a .75hr increase for night shift and another 1.25hr for working all weekends. This catapulted my total earnings to $14.50hr. WOO HOO!

Nursing has come much farther than when I was a graduate, in wages as well as every other aspect. I don’t know any graduate that would even consider nursing school, if that were the case. So back to the budget.

When I made minimum wage, we lived on those earnings. As I progressed into nursing and started earning a better wage, our lifestyle gradually changed, along with our overall spending. Sadly, so many people fall into this pattern and don’t address the habits that got them into debt in the first place. Then they find themselves more and more living the life they didn’t intend.

Oh and how the credit card companies love us! They find that you’re now making more money! What happens when you’re in college? Viola! Credit card companies come out of the woodwork offering you there credit card and oh how we think we need them. We are like – ooooooo! Look what I can buy! It makes me think of the Toy Aliens in the Toy Story movie, we are all intrigued and debt is the claw!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against having a credit card. Nor am I completely against using them. I am, however, opposed to carrying balances. I am also going to confess that I have been carrying balances and it is one of the dumbest things on the planet to ever do! It is a financial disaster!

I love to give! It is something that shoots off LOTS of endorphins in me! So think about this with me, all of the stupid interest being paid, I could be using to give to people in need, for wherever I deem fit. But no! By my own ignorance (I say ignorance because I didn’t truly grasp all of what I do now), it is flying out in the wind. Well not really in the wind, because again, the credit card companies love us. And hey, let’s face it, they are a business and they want/need to make money.

Today I am reminding myself, that just like I didn’t gain weight overnight and didn’t lose it overnight either, it was a process that I had to trust. Creating budgets and determination to get out of debt is a process that I have to trust.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time……


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