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Today is Brad’s birthday and today we will celebrate! Brad has told me that there are two days in the year that are important to him – Father’s Day and his birthday. So my intent, is to set aside today and plan something special. Yes there will be food! He is certainly a food connoisseur!

A little about the man….. he loves Jesus! I could simply stop there, because at the end of the day, does anything else really matter? In light of the short span of time we have on this earth (remember God promised 120 years and today Brad isn’t even half way there, but that is still short), compared to eternity. Let’s be honest, our minds don’t really comprehend eternity.

I am blessed by his love for Jesus and the way he seeks to serve at our church. He is one of the most amazing Sound Engineers! He tells me often, when I sing that I sound like an angel. But I am not oblivious to the fact of who is tweaking the sound board. It has been said of a Sound Engineer, that they are the microphone in someone’s hand. Oh my how true?!

Imagine if you will, being in a concert. The star is standing on stage, in a coliseum with thousands of people in attendance. The microphone in hand and they hold it to their mouth…….. suddenly, NOTHING. You hear nothing! Then the instruments being to play and again, you hear nothing. They carry on as if you can hear everything, BUT the “sound guy”, as some people like to put it, hasn’t unmuted the board. He has control of the entire event. BAM and PRESTO, he presses the button and magic happens!

You thought they just sounded amazing? HA! Not so much! Raw music is NOT what most people think. Don’t get me wrong, some is fantastic! Others, well….. we should just be thanking those “sound guys”!!

Because of Brad’s excellent service and attention to detail, people all over the world have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message that HE saves! HE heals! HE delivers! HE sets free! What an honor?! What a privilege?!

Brad you are a blessing to us and to people all over the world! Today we honor you!


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