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Well I had planned to give a shout out here on the blog to each one of my kids for their birthdays. Sadly, time management and organization haven’t been my best qualities and are areas still in progress. But I want to pop on here and say how grateful I am that we have Timothy Hoag.

He gives an element of fun to our family, that we wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. I am proud of the way he maintains his adult responsibilities by being the provider that God has called him to be. Yet his still manages to tap in to the inner child.

Tim aspires to one day devote himself to Firefighting. But while he awaits the open door, he volunteers any moment of time he can muster to assist those in need. What blesses me the most is I know that he adores my daughter and their babies!

He is working out of state today, in North Dakota. If you see him, be sure to wish him an amazing birthday! Also tell him that we love him and are anxiously, awaiting his arrival!

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