/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

The company I work for incorporates continuing education on an annual basis. They have this concept that everything is due at the same time, across the board, for everyone. It is always in the month of March.

The modules are not available until March 1st and must be completed by March 31st. Now for the most part, this is ample time to complete any task. However, it is never taken into consideration that I am a nurse and I am still on the schedule and am required to do patient care.

Very rarely, is there time on a scheduled workday to complete all or even any of the assignments. So this leaves all of the projects to be finished on a non-working day. This can prove to be difficult when we still have “life” that gets in the way.

This year proved to be a challenge for me. Once the first of the month rolled around, I had a ton of things compile from my washer breaking down to my dad having cataract surgeries (yes, both eyes) and preop appointments scheduled for my days off, among many other tasks necessary.

Then, there is that sneaky little thing called “out of sight, out of mind”. So I guess I waited until the last minute because somewhere in the month, I ate ice cream…… that my excuse, I ate ice cream…… because literally one excuse is as good as the next……

No excuses! I am going to smash them out early next year! I will be setting reminders and staying on top of them.

My happy report is….. I AM DONE!!

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