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I’m sure the thoughts surrounding the Jeep Gladiator are just as controversial as politics. There is a “culture” in the Jeep world, as I am learning more and more, since our most recent Jeep purchase.

After our 2300 mile trek to New Mexico, the fever has bitten. We want to do more and more off-roading, trail-riding, rock-crawling, and so much more! I can’t wait to suck all of our kids into this Jeep world!

Brad and I have decided (after we finish our debt-free journey), that our next vehicle purchase will be a Jeep Gladiator. For us, it is just going to add to the adventure of life that we have found ourselves on.

We bought a 2014, which was in our list of must haves (it had to be a certain year or newer), but we weren’t necessarily looking for the color we got. It is Copperhead Pearlcoat, an orange color. But we are enjoying it SO MUCH! We also have gotten TONS of complements on the color!

There were several options in our search that surrounded our color preferences or even the lack thereof. But honestly, “orange” wasn’t even on the radar – good or bad.

Brad was really on the hunt for an Anvil color jeep, so the new Gladiators have finally come out with a similar color called “Stingray”. It’s the same color, but does sound much cooler!

Would you like to have a Jeep Gladiator and if so, what color would you pick?

This color is on our dream board, but there are alot more specs that are going into it!

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