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Genesis 22 tells the account of Abraham’s part in the covenant with God being tested. But in facing the unthinkable, he knew that God would provide and God did!

Verse 14 tells us that Abraham named the place “The Lord will provide”. This name has now become a proverb: “on the mountain of the Lord, it will be provided.”

If we were to analyze a list of things that concern us, how many would fall in to the basic needs category? When we are lacking something we truly need, do we say out of our mouths – “The Lord will provide”?

As Abraham continued up the mountain with Issac, he continued to trust the Lord (read for yourself) and now later generations look at that mountain and recall what God had done. May we always take a moment to remember HIS mercies to us!

Prayer: Father God, You are full of power and might! Time and time again, we have experienced you are the Lord who provides. Forgive us for worrying about our needs and even relying on our own efforts to meet those needs.  Forgive us for the times when our fears overshadow Your faithfulness. Thank you for reminding us continually that You are faithful and trustworthy and that you delight in providing our needs! Thank you that we are more important than the lilies of the fields and the sparrows! Amen.


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