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I have a stainless-steel, gas stove, which I thoroughly enjoy. I used to hate gas stoves, but Brad talked me in to this one and I am not disappointed. Well except for the cleaning part, something I need to be more diligent with. Ugh! It seems to collect things from out of the air.

My daughter-in-law, Kimmy, decided to cook some food in the oven and when she was finished, it smelled like plastic burning. Time to hunt down the reasons. We definitely are not going to play with fire and there is clearly something smoldering.

Brad started trying to figure out how to take the stove apart. After a video search fail, he just uses his Superman brain power and figures it out himself.

VOILA! Piece after piece the stove came apart. (Disclaimer: unplug the stove BEFORE you start separating it.

A mouse had been running rampant all through the insulated areas of the stove and had hidden plastic and paper inside. Of course he was long gone, probably dead from one of the recent, effective traps, thankfully. But we sure saw how he had wanted us to be victims to his prey.

Brad took caution to clean everything out, as I scrubbed every piece he took apart. I’m pretty sure the stove hasn’t been this clean since it was bought.

Then, with no threat of danger left behind, Brad put everything back together.

I am thankful for my husband, whom is extremely tired from the already long week he has had with painting and redoing the entire back room AND I am thankful for Psalm 91 – the protection of God that reigns over us!

And for the record, today we are replacing fire extinguishers! Make sure you check all of yours!!

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