/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

I went to work today only to get cancelled. So I decided to be productive and run some errands. In my ventures, I decided to go by the bookstore. I came across this book that had something to do with being a “mean mom”. Without reading into the book, I had an epiphany….. I was a mean mom!

I was always in the kids business. I figured if they wanted privacy they could sign a lease and move out. Since none of them were old enough for that, well their privacy went out the window. I was the mom that wanted to know…. where are you going? who are you going to be with? who all is going to be there? how long are you planning to be there? Hmmmm I could probably think of many more questions.

Today I have some pretty amazing kids and am very proud that I was the MEAN MOM!

Hats off today to all of the MEAN MOMS!!

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