/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

I have been a nurse for over 10yrs. The foundation of being a nurse is to care for people in an extreme time of need. I have encountered many diverse situations over the years.

One particular day will forever be etched in my memory. As I sat there with the patient, monitoring their vital signs and the machines that I was attending, to provide the care required, my mind wandered a bit….

I heard someone say recently, “the devil is mean all the time, but God is good ALL of the time!” The Bible tells in John 10:10 that the devil seeks to steal, kill, and to destroy, but Jesus said that HE came for us to experience a life full of joy and the goodness of all that God has available.

Yes sometimes bad things happen to good people and we as human face situations that just plain sucks. (Just being real here.) Regardless of the curve balls that life throws our way, God is still good and full of love!

I continue on with my nursing duties, as I hear this quiet little voice singing. I look up from my busyness and realize it is my patient. I take caution not to disturb the moment, as the singing continues…….

?Praise God, praise God, praise God, praise God. Praise God, praise God, praise God! (singing to the tune of Amazing Grace.)

My eyes well up with tears at the precious heart full of love, for a Savior, in spite of the long road that has been this season’s journey, and for my own heart that finds itself full of thankfulness for allowing me to experience this sweet moment, and for who Christ is in my life!

May the Lord bless you, may HE make HIS face shine upon you, may HE be gracious to you, and give you peace!

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