/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Do you ever just feel overwhelmed by it all? I mean the everyday. I know it may sound silly, but just everything and yet nothing. And yet, there is no way to pin point that one thing that makes you feel frustrated.

Today, mine is a reflection of the past year. 2020 sure had challenges, but 2021 has been altogether different and here we are at the end of it. I saw a cute picture meme with the character “Disgust” from the Pixar movie, Inside Out. The notation read – “Before I agree to 2022, I will need to see the terms and conditions.”


While in some respects, I do feel that way. However, we all know that is never an option. So today, I am going to move forward. I am going to do some reflecting and I am going to be determined to be intentional with choices in my life.


Each day, is the first day of the rest of your life. Whichever day that it may be. That is it. I am going to make plans on purpose. I will achieve my dreams and goals.

But first, I must decide what those are. Mine will alter from yours. No two are the same. I am married and it is important that we align with one another, yet it is essential that we have individuality.

I am starting simple. One word that resonates with me is – INTENTIONAL. I know I already mentioned it earlier, but my desire is to take it seriously, today and moving into this next year of 2022.

So I am going to leave with this today. What is “one word” that you might cling to this coming year?

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