/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Scripture has been an ingrained, integral part of my life. Many times, Bible verses, well up inside of me and flow out – like water pouring down a mountain. They are always relevant to the conversation at the moment, giving hope and courage.

It may be a conversation about marriage or raising kids or it could be something altogether different. How about finances? What about healing? There is a scripture in the Bible that pertains to every area of life.

Wisdom is displayed, when scripture is used in prayer. God doesn’t go against HIS Word. When I use the Word of God, I am praying correctly.

For instance, if I see someone in error or I have concerns that they are, a good scripture to pray is Ephesians 1:18. Pray that the eyes of the other person’s understanding be enlightened. Also, I pray for the eyes of my own understanding to be enlightened.

Besides praying in the Spirit, this is probably my favorite go to scripture, when I don’t know what to pray for someone.

Today, let’s start praying the Word!

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