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Today I have an appointment with the eye doctor and I am extremely excited about it! I had misjudged how long my contacts would last and my prescription ran out. So I was left with not being able to order any more contacts without seeing the doctor first.

The bad part of it all was that the doctor has been backed up about 6 weeks! So it took me all of that extra time for my appointment. I have been using “readers” since I used my last set of contacts. Well technically it isn’t a set because mine are set for bifocal, which means that I wear one strength in one eye for distance and a different strength in the other eye for reading.

Being without the necessities of my life has been a challenge and even takes a toil. It makes me extra tired to not be able to see things clearly. This can happen in other areas of our lives as well. There are times when we let things go, that need to be addressed, as I have heard it put “addressing the elephant in the room”.

Don’t let feelings fester. Communicate. Remove the smog, so you can see clearly.

For your eye prescription, KEEP A CALENDAR and know what and when you need to have the necessities on hand! Keep your heart open, so you will have the necessary tools to see other parts of life clearly.

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