/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

I was watching a video with Bryan and Katie Torwalt and New Song Cafe, recently. They were talking about their song Set Me Ablaze. They had been in ministry school and Bill Johnson said something in regards to the fire that burns inside while people are in ministry school doesn’t impress him, what he wanted to hear was how the fire was still burning 20 to 30 (or more) years down the road.

Sometimes as life goes on, we get blindsided. Our journeys are each different in the day to day, but if we are focused on Jesus, all roads lead to the Cross.

Set me ablaze, set me ablaze, til it’s all that I know. Set me ablaze, set me ablaze and I’ll never grow cold.

Set me ablaze, set me ablaze, with a single obsession. Set me ablaze, set me ablaze, with an endless passion.

Breathe, come and breathe on the coals of my heart, let Your fire start in me, keep me burning.

Wildfire, burn brighter, here inside my heart. Consume me, rage through me, I want all You are!

How is the passion for Jesus in your heart, as time goes on?

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