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If you are as lucky as I am to have a few extremely close friends, you are a very blessed person. We all have a journey of life that we are venturing through. There are times we need to just simply have someone to bounce our thoughts off of.

One of the sweetest things happened to me recently. My friend and I were sharing some of our life struggles with one another, to gather strength to build up. She looks at me and says, “you know I don’t have answers, but you didn’t come to me for answers. You only came to me because you know I will help you pray, which is awesome.” Then she says, “let’s just do that right now.”

Let me tell you, this was exactly what I needed at the moment. I didn’t need for anyone to give me advice. I didn’t need anyone to tell me how to fix it, because the truth is, no one but God will have the answer.

I just needed someone to hold my hand and say, “hey I don’t know how you feel. I don’t even have the answers you need. But you and I both know the WAYMAKER, the MIRACLE WORKER, the PROMISE KEEPER, the LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS, that is OUR GOD, and HE DOES have ALL of the answers! Even when we don’t see it, HE IS working. Even when we don’t feel it, HE IS working! HE never sleeps! HE never stops working!”


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