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Confessions from a Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Player

Confessions from a Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Player

I’m going to give you a sneak peak into a little side of me that most of you may not know. If you have read anything about my profile, you know that I love Disney. It probably doesn’t matter what it is Disney related, I love it!

I am a gamer. Not a hard-core one, like many people are. But I do play one game called Disney Magic Kingdoms. I know that a lot of people might find it boring, but I enjoy it! Brande actually plays too.

We don’t get to play very often, but we play. My mother used to play games, so I guess it just went on down the line. I don’t know. My mom played an older game called, Tetris. Anyone remember that one?

She also played Mario, as well as a few others. She had her own Gameboy that she took along with her most everywhere. If she was going to have to sit for a while, you could find her with the Gameboy in hand. While Gameboys are still around, I don’t know how popular they are.

Now we have phones with games at our fingertips. Without having to buy a separate console, we can touch our screens and have too many games to choose from. But the awesome thing about having all of the options is that there is something for everyone.

The real fun part is that Alyssa will sit beside me and want to play too. She wants to touch the screen and pop the little check marks off, showing the task was completed. Then send the characters out on more tasks.

Gameplay is “this is your own Disney Magic Kingdom park”. You welcome characters into the park, build attractions, add concessions, and decorate.

My favorite part is adding and collecting characters. But this is also my favorite part of visiting Disney World. I enjoy the characters so much! I guess it brings out the kid in me! I just want to go see all of the characters and have my picture taken with them!

In less than 2 days, there is an event in the game called a “Tower Challenge” and it will be featuring characters from…… none other than Mulan!!! Why all of the exclamations?

Because Mulan is my favorite! More about the game later, but do you have a favorite Disney character? Let me know I’m not the only one who has this crazy love for Disney!

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