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Lazy Keto Pizza Casserole

Lazy Keto Pizza Casserole

Tonight I made what I am calling a “Lazy Keto Pizza Casserole”. There are two reasons I am adding the word “lazy” to the title of my creation. The first reason is because I used one item that wasn’t “keto-approved” and the second reason is because it was extremely easy!

Admittedly, I have not missed much by changing my life to keto, but I REALLY like me some pizza! Did you notice the word “really” being all capitalized? It kind of means that I like it more than I should! Bread was also a BIG DEAL for me – again caps should be noted as important in this statement. I never was much of a sweets eater, well until later in life.


My grandparents owned several gas stations, when I was growing up and when any of the grandkids had the opportunity to visit one of the stations, one of my grandparents would give us change to spend in their vending machines. Hey it was a newer thing of the times, and with candy! Win, win! Well you would think so, but not for me.

I was the odd child. I wanted peanut butter crackers or some other item that didn’t have to do with candy. Anything but fig bars. I didn’t even go after the chocolate. Sometimes I think it may have been because the crackers always would last longer than the candy would have lasted, but nonetheless, my choices then shaped my life in the now.


I have been looking for a way to curb that craving for pizza, without all of the damaging carbs. I still haven’t found anything that gives me a huge – WOW. But today this one was a nice start. I have a few other creations to develop and ideas that I intend to implement.

Another noteworthy thing about me – I DESPISE to grocery shop. I really don’t like shopping, but on “blue moon” occasions. So I conned my daughter, Brande (really I just asked and she happily complied, because she likes shopping and hey, lets face it – shopping is always more fun when you’re spending someone else’s money) in to going to the store. I wanted large deli pepperoni for the project. My actual intentions were to make Pepperoni Cups, but they didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped, so I moved on.

My husband always tells people that he can look and look in our cabinets and refrigerator and swear there is nothing to eat in our house. But turn me loose in the kitchen and some sort of bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, magic happens.


Since the Pepperoni Cups were a #epicfail (sometimes I like to use hashtags, so if you hate them, please just don’t judge) I moved on, starting with Fat Head Pizza Dough. There are several versions out there. I have tried the one that Keto Dad puts out and I like it. (Definitely check out their blog for recipe) but I use the recipe a friend of mine gave me. Where she got it? I have no idea.

I got out my 9×13 pan, sprayed the bottom. Not gonna lie, I used a “non-keto” approved spray. This is where the first use of “lazy” comes in to play. I made mixed up my Fat-Head Pizza Dough, spread it into the bottom of the pan and baked it til it’s done point, to make the crust.


When I made the Pepperoni Cups, I had already browned 3lbs of ground beef, stirred in pizza sauce, and sprinkled Italian seasoning in. I had also sautéed chopped onions, mushrooms, and part of a green bell pepper. Mixed that into the hamburger meat and used that for my Pepperoni Cups.

i took the rest of the mixture and spread it over the cooked Fat-Head Pizza Crust. Then piled on the mozzarella cheese. I topped the pan with the large, deli-style pepperoni.

Into the oven it went and out came a masterpiece! Ok maybe it wasn’t a masterpiece, but it certainly curbed the pizza craving – at least for today!

If you would like more details of the recipe, leave me  comment below and I will make sure you get it!

Have you changed your way of eating? What modifications have you made? What is the one thing that you have been missing?


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