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3 Leap Day Fun Facts

3 Leap Day Fun Facts

What is in a leap year? February 29th! Another day added to our calendar, in essence to keep time and seasons in sync with the earths orbit around the sun.


Did you know that people born on this day are called, “LEAPLINGS“? No? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either.


Technically a person born on leap day, can’t celebrate their birthdays except for once every four years, although many  choose to celebrate on Feb 28th or March 1st for the other years.


Even though, I think most girls want their guy to do the proposing, did you know that it is customary for it to be ok for a woman to propose to a man on Leap Day? No? Me either!

The Bible says there is a reason for everything, (Ecclesiastes 3) so obviously, HE wanted someone to implement a leap day. I love fun facts and there are several out there about so many things!

Are you doing anything memorable for your LEAP DAY?

We’re Going To Disney!

We’re Going To Disney!

Our anniversary is October 24th. For the past couple of years, I have tried to be intentional about taking a little time off of work for us to spend a little time together. I have really been wanting to go to Walt Disney World for last few years, around this time of year.

During this time every year is the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. I want to try food from everywhere. Most is sure not to be keto-approved, but it isn’t something we would do every anniversary.

Many of you may or may not know, but back in May we bought a jeep. So this year, I got a bright Idea to go to Disney. After watching many videos on YouTube and Brad showing me even more.

But this isn’t Disney like you may have thought. There was no food from around the world, unless you count Mexican. Also there was no Mickey, Minnie, or any of the rest of the gang.

We ventured off to Disney, Oklahoma, where there is alot of off-roading fun for us in our Jeep! With trails, rocks, and water the area did not disappoint. It also gave us the opportunity to see what the Rubicon was capable of.

We have done a few modifications to our Jeep, completely on a tight budget. Thankfully, though, we did mod. I’m sure we could have done several things without any alterations from stock.

More elaboration on the trip later, but for now….. click here for a sneak peaks….


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Can A Jeep Save A Marriage?

Can A Jeep Save A Marriage?

Ok maybe that is a little extreme, but hear me out and be sure to read the disclaimer at the end of this post.

After 16 years of marriage, Brad and I still are complete opposites.

They say, “opposites attract”, but who knew it would be so extreme?!


We are as different as day and night.

I also know this is well said, but if you only knew the realities of the statement.
Back many moons ago, there was a song that Amy Grant sang, called Good For Me.

The lyrics are full of antithetical personalities, yet the title gives hope that love can evolve.

When you are this differing, personalities clash like gasoline and matches.

However, Psalms 133:1-2 says, “How good and pleasant it is to dwell together in unity.

For harmony is as precious as sacred scented oil!” If only we would apply the Word more, lol.


Brad and I have very few things in common.

Like almost none.

Our first passion is to love God, so there definitely is hope for us.

We also dearly love our family – especially our kids and grandbabies!

I mean, who is crazy enough to take a non-negotiable, family vacation half way across the United States, with 11 adults, a toddler, a baby, AND counting?!
Yes that would be us!

So definitely we have that in common.

Don’t judge, but we also enjoy being marksmen. (This involves guns and shooting them, so if this offends you, just move on,)

Although we should spend more time and make this more of a priority, unfortunately it isn’t as possible as we would like.


So then came the Jeep.

Brad actually was on board way before I was, but the more we talked about it,

I could see the picture of what could be.

Our Jeep is just simply fun!

We know alot of people who ride Harley-Davidson‘s and Brad had one, back in the day (before me).

But neither of us are interested, because we both feel like, being in the Jeep is more “together”.

As we conversed more and more about the Jeep, the Lord started showing me people that we could love, thanks to having the Jeep.

All the while having something we could enjoy together, pretty much on a daily basis.

Every person who calls themselves a Christian (remember – “Christian” means to be a Christ-follower) is supposed to be a minister.

We are called to love God and love people.

Thus we have become – Jeeps On The Rock. The Rock is Jesus!

We hope to share a little Jeep-building, off-roading, trail-riding, and eventually some overlanding videos through Jeeps On The Rock.

Why don’t you tag along to see where the next 16 years (and the many, many more) takes us?

We hope to see you out on the trail!


Disclaimer: The answer to the original question is NO! A Jeep cannot save a marriage anymore than a having a baby can. Marriage simply takes work! Blessings! ~Amanda

The Cuss Word

The Cuss Word

I got home a tad bit earlier today, than I do many days. For me, saying I got home early, usually means that I managed to get home before 8pm. If I say, “I’m working late.” it’s probably going to be 10pm or later. Today I was highly blessed that it was before 4pm!

Brad is in the middle of painting our back room for a rehab project. Which is also part of his quest on our family challenge. So I checked on his progress and decided a quick service meal was in order.

After I made it home, we sat down to eat and were talking money. Brad looked at me and said, “please don’t cuss!” I said, “We have to get on more strict of a budget, to get where we know that we want to go.”

He chuckled and said, “yep! I knew you were going to cuss! You said BUDGET.” We both giggled.

BUT how many of us think budget is a bad word? Yes I know it sucks because I personally don’t want to think about a budget. I want to just reach into the wallet, pull out the card, and swipey, swipey, without a second thought.

Without a map, we can’t blindly travel across country and get to our destination effectively. On the same token, without a budget, we won’t efficiently live out the life God intends for us to have.

So today I declare it to be a new day! I vow to do my part – Brad and I as a team – to get it right in our lives!

I’ll keep you posted as to how the story unfolds.

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