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It’s Super Tuesday! Go Vote!

It’s Super Tuesday! Go Vote!

Have you ever worked night shift? I have for many years. Now I work day shift, which sometimes progresses into the night.

I have been off work for several days, actually a few weeks, and it has been wonderful! It has been very refreshing, although I have no idea what I am going to do when that day comes. You know the one that says it’s time to go back to work?

It will be ok, because I think I am ready to get back into the groove. I don’t want it to go back to a grind.

Anyway, tonight is an all night event for me. I am attempting to stay awake, because Brad is asleep and I don’t want to wake him. Tomorrow/today is SUPER TUESDAY and he is a precinct judge. This means he will be working the election polls.

No worries, I already voted. So sleeping will be on my list of things to do later.

But I want to encourage you to get out there and make your voice heard! Voting is important!

Pray! Seek the Lord! Go vote!

Did I mention that it is SUPER TUESDAY? Go VOTE!

You get the point! Peace out!

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