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The One That Started It All

The One That Started It All

Now to be technical, it isn’t the first Jeep we have ever owned, but is the first Jeep we have ever purchased together, on purpose, with the one of the main reasons being to find something to do together. This time it was going to be a Wrangler.

So we did it! We bought a Jeep Wrangler! This is something we have talked about for quite some time, but hadn’t taken the plunge. So through some more talking and looking, mostly Brad talking and looking. He laboriously probed all avenues in hopes of finding the right one.

He inquired, explored, and uncovered every stone that could possibly have the perfect gem tucked underneath. Then when we had time to sit down together (which isn’t often enough), he would show me all of the treasures he had found. Now just to give a tad bit of background, I went into this completely blind. I am not the car guru. Brad bought me a Honda Odyssey, a vehicle that I had wanted since 2001, but the truth is, there was never much consideration in regards to a Jeep. But through a series of events and maybe a little nudging from the inner most part of my being, I found myself on board with buying a Jeep.

After much research and sifting through many ads, taking time out of our already busy schedule, and driving many Jeeps, we had to decide on some non-negotiables. So we went down a list together. It had to be a Rubicon and Brad had specific reasons he wanted it to be a Rubicon, which were all fine with me. Through the years, I had never had a Wrangler before, so I was just along for the ride in many of the decisions and a Hard Rock Edition would be a bonus.

Another 100% definite was for the Jeep to be a 2012 or newer. Again this had to do with some research Brad had done and he had several reasons for this being on the list. This was something else I was very agreeable to, as I really wanted it to be as new as possible.

It also had to be an Unlimited. Four doors was an unequivocal certainty. I enjoy loading up my grandbabies, as often as life allows me to and it would be much more difficult to pack them in with only two doors. Not to mention, we might want to take some of our kids or even friends along; as well as have the extra length and space that the four door offers.

We moved from that to chose color; or rather colors we absolutely didn’t want. This part was very interesting because both of us had colors we didn’t want AND we had reasons why we wanted them on our do not buy list; from this reminds me of a not so happy time in life, to simply “I just don’t like that color”.

Then came interior; would we choose cloth or leather and why? Jeep doesn’t offer a ton of options when it comes to interior color, so this was more limiting in some respects. But after we almost bought the wrong Jeep, I was pretty adamant about the interior. I was pretty set on leather and it had to be black.

As the pursuit continued, it wasn’t long, until the right one –  for us – was found, and I cannot tell you just how much I actually have found myself enjoying the Jeep!

That day, we became – Jeeps On The Rock – the two of us….. wanting to find something to do together, to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE….. all while enjoying our Jeep!

We bought a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited!

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