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The Art Of People Pleasing

The Art Of People Pleasing

Oh the war that goes on in the mind when faced with making someone mad. For some people, it isn’t a huge issue. But for others, oh the frustration!

When you say something to someone and then fret about how they may interpret your statement, this can cause some extreme anxiety. Yet the truth of the matter is, the scenario that have been conjured in your mind are most always not even remotely close to the facts.

I’m going to go out a Disney limb here, what if you were to be like Elsa in Frozen and just “let it go”, because there is no art to people pleasing. Maybe you could make it a personal theme song, every time those thoughts invaded your mind, you simply determined NOT to think the worst and literally let it go.

Take that thought captive and RELEASE! You have more power over your own mind than you may think. You are in control! You are the boss!

What if the flip side occurs? What if someone really does get mad at you?

So what?! Let them be mad. Haters gonna hate, they always drinking the “haterade”. There is nothing you can do about it. Why lose one ounce of sleep?

I heard Joyce Meyer say once that NOTHING and NO ONE is worth giving up peace for! Protect it at all costs.

I agree wholeheartedly – KEEP YOUR PEACE!!


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