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What Is A Challenge?

What Is A Challenge?

Anyone remember the “Ice Bucket Challenge”? Well if you never heard of it, people were challenging each other to dump a bucket – usually a 5 gallon or larger – over their heads. The reason? I’m not sure anyone even knew why they were doing it, but the origin came from promoting awareness of ALS (aka: Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Most challenges aren’t as simple as dumping a bucket of ice on your head and I understand the concept of the awareness portion. However, for a challenge to be effective on change, it probably shouldn’t be easy. If a real challenge were easy everyone would do it.

Our family has collaboratively entered into a challenge with each other, to make ourselves better versions of the person we are today. Each person is on a different question, designed just for them. The challenge for us, is intended to push us all toward our dreams and goals.

Some are writers. Some are producers. Some are artists, creators, singers, salespersons, and the list goes on!

What about you? Is there something you need to be challenged toward? If today were December 31st and you were about to ring in the next new year, what would you have to do to say, “this has been the best year of my life?”

Are you a writer? Start writing, something everyday. Do you need to lose weight? Maybe you could start walking 5 mins a day. Need to save money? Curtail some spending? Make a budget or start putting back a set amount of dollars at set intervals of time. Do you need to organize your bedroom? Begin with the closet (if it is the smallest space in your room, lol)

But you get the picture! A challenge is what you make it for you. Don’t let another year pass you by and be the same place at the end that you were at the beginning!

Start here, go anywhere!!

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