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I am an Acute-Care Nephrology Nurse and am extremely blessed to work with some of the most amazing people!

In our world, we like to use the phrase “feast or famine” (referring to the busyness of our workload), although, after greater than 5 years, I have yet to see the scarcity.

There are many times we may work more than 16 hours in a day, then return the next to the unknown.

In this setting, each day brings a mystery, that must be unraveled and the outcome is always concealed, until the very end.

Being on call can also put a twist in the plans, as you could (I have) receive a notification within 5 minutes of departure, to return to perform another treatment.

When the days feel endless, the assignments become arduous.


Each of us are allotted particular days to rest and although, I know it is in us, as Caregivers, to want to care for everyone – especially our own, and in this case – our team!

We have to keep in mind that we are also an integral part of the squad and caring for ourselves is vital.

Have you ever ridden on an airplane?

The explicit instructions given in an emergency, is to put your own oxygen mask on first.

Why is this?

Because if you start helping others around you and putting on their masks, you won’t even realize you have become hypoxic until it is too late.

On days we are drowning, I still may ask if anyone is available to help, but I don’t begrudge a negative response.

I appreciate the simple reply, “I’m sorry I can’t today.”

So if you receive that call (or text nowadays), be sure to take care of you!

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