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Kim, my daughter-in-love, is an AMAZING photographer! She really loves what she does and it shows in her work. She is “mommy” to my little Princess Alyssa Dawn (FYI: my grandbabies are my FAVORITES!).

Anyway, just like any other mommy who works outside of the home or not, the mom life is just sometimes crazy! She posted this a couple of weeks ago and it was too funny not to share with you all! ENJOY!


So are y’all ready for something hilarious and kinda embarrassing?!?! ??

Yesterday evening (4:30pm) I sat down to edited some images. When I was finished I had created a folder with 4 photos that I needed to print. I went and got an old SD card to transfer the file on to, so I could take it to the store.

I wanted to print some small photos for my grandparents. In the middle of editing I had to do some hardcore “mom-ing” for like 20 mins for the 100th meltdown of the day (and just long enough to make me forget I had the SD card in my hand).

After taking care of this tiny human, whom had lost every bit of sanity, left in her precious 3 year old body, I sat back down to put the folder with pictures onto the SD card.

To my horror, now I can’t find the FREAKING CARD! I have enlisted the entire calvary (aka: my father in law) to help me look. We searched the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, WELL the entire house. I mean, how does a small SD card get up, sprout legs and run off?! I have seen toddler fiascos but to magically disappear photography equipment, this was a new one on me.

The clock keeps ticking, so at 7pm, I cancelled the search party and ran to the store to replace the vanished card, came back home, put the files on the card, then back to the store.

After that task was completed, I went back and got busy cooking. A couple of hours into the project, I leaned down to grab some ice out of the freezer drawer. Out of the corner of my eye I see a spider on my leg and started to scream, but the scream never exited my lungs as I realized it wasn’t a spider!



Yep! You guessed right! The dumb SD card was stuck right there! I hadn’t sat down since coming home from the store. So I apparently went to the store with a SD card stuck on my leg!

It had been a long day, with no toddler naps and several meltdowns! I wonder how many people saw it attached to my leg at the store? Not one person ever said anything.

I found it around 9:15pm and it was stuck. Here’s to another day of that crazy mom life!

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