/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

I am an Acute Care Dialysis Nurse. Which means, I work very long hours, often. My assignments are in the hospital setting. When a regular dialysis patient goes tot he hospital, we make sure they still get their life-saving treatments in a timely manner.

So last night, I came home late, as I said, happens often. When I got in to my van, my feet had already been screaming for me to remove my shoes. I got into the van and off they came and the socks followed suit.

We walk through our carport to get into the side door. I get out of the van and go to walk in and as I am walking to the steps, I realize there is a baby snake AND I am barefoot! The snake was not moving so my instinct (right or wrong) was keep moving, up the steps I went and in the door!

I said, “someone needs to come kill this snake that I almost stepped on in bare feet!” That someone, obviously was NOT going to be me!

To make what could be a very long story, much shorter – Ryan came to the rescue with boots on and killed the snake. Turns out to have been a very poisonous snake!

and we now have the BEST KIND OF SNAKE……


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