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As our precious ones were slipping away and as hard as that time was, I kept reminding the kids of the amazing gift we were being given to be able to say our “goodbyes” or “see you later”.

Our daughter, Brande, took those words and penned them so beautifully!


There are things in life that are hard, but ultimately are blessings in disguise.

I’ve had people taken from me that I was never able to say goodbye to, and I’ve had people taken from me where I was granted the opportunity to be able to say goodbye. I will forever cherish the gift of goodbye, no matter how hard it is for me. Saying goodbye to your loved ones is incredibly difficult. But never being able to say goodbye? That is much harder.

It’s been a little over a week since I lost both my grandparents on the same day. And I will tell you that day was hell on earth for my family. Most of us were operating on very little (if any at all) sleep. We were all stressed and full of grief from the weight of loved ones slipping away from us. We sat at each of their bedsides for hours on end as their breaths slowly got farther and farther apart, before they slipped entirely into heaven and away from us. There were thousands of tears cried, probably hundreds of hugs, and a family walking out of the hospital with 2 less members that day. It was hell for sure. A hell I would wish on no person.

But do you know what else that day held for us? Laughs, smiles, and memories shared around bedsides as we all reminisced about the joy they had brought to us all. There were prayers, singing worship songs, and just a family being together. Hands being held for hours, as we cherished the ability to sit with each of them as they faded on to heaven.

The gift of goodbye may not feel like a gift in that moment, but I can assure you that as the days go on and the grief fades and makes way for cherished memories, goodbye will be a gift then. Being able to sit there and usher them from our side of the world into heaven is a gift I will be forever grateful for. The grief will fade, but we will always have the gift of our goodbyes. We will always have our last moments knowing they left from earth in a room full of family and love, to be greeted by our sweet Jesus into another realm of love.

I grew up with them. I will always miss them. But wishing they were here with me? That’s selfish. They are up in heaven where Grandpa is working on his garden and some puzzles, breathing the fresh air of heaven and enjoying renewed energy. And Grandma is up there singing, dancing, and walking with Jesus. To wish them back here with me where they couldn’t walk or breathe would be selfish of me. So I will miss them, but I will push that aside and be joyful that my Jesus is taking so much better care of them then we ever could. I will rejoice in their freedom from pain, and find comfort in knowing they are watching us from heaven and smiling down at us all.

I love you Granny and Mort, give Jesus a hug for me, and I’ll see you again one day. ♥️

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