/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

I am going to give you a little back story. As many of you may have already read, or watched on one of our videos, Brad and I actually have very little in common. I realize this happens often in marriage. Joe McGee says that we marry our opposites as God’s design. However, I would love to meet people that are as polar opposite as we are, that make it work.


I did just said the right word, though…… WORK. Marriage takes a lot of it!

Our commonalities include our children and grandchildren, of course. Without all of them, there would be no Power Family and we have Jesus, because truly HE is our sure foundation.

Other than that, we both like to shoot guns. But the ins and outs of a gun, I don’t know extreme detail. Brad on the other hand, can tell you every intricate part.

Brad had talked about us getting a jeep for a couple of years, off and on. But I can’t say that I was much on board for us buying one.


When we first met, I owned a Jeep Comanche truck. Brad swears it was falling apart. That thing had taken a beating and kept on ticking. The radiator was literally duct taped. (Hey don’t judge, it worked.)

So all of the talking turned into browsing. Then the browsing turned into looking often. Before we knew it, there was a hunt on to find “the one”. I can honestly tell you that I still wasn’t sure how much I was on board. But it started getting fun.

Then one day….. Brad found, what would soon be THE ONE! He put our friend, Matt Jackson on the job and VIOLA!


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