/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

The first point, I want to note is that these two are the current joys of my “Mimi” part of life and with a short time, I anticipate the arrive of more! The second point, I want to make is that I am not old enough and am way too cool to even be called “grandmother” (no offense to any of you that have chosen that title).

When it came to grandparent names, I truly didn’t care. There were alot of circumstances surrounding the arrival of the first grandbaby, so the end name resulted with “Mimi”.

I have also heard it said many times that if we had known just how much fun grandchildren we’re that we would have had them first! This is sure a fun statement to say, although not fun for the kids, I guess, lol.

When our first grandbaby came along, my daughter, Savannah said, “that was the day Mom forgot all of us kids existed”. While this statement is not true, it is kind of funny too.

If you have grandbabies, I pray that you are as blessed as I am and that you are able to live close to your children and grandchildren, like I am. If you don’t live close, I challenge you to always make the most of the time you do have with them!

If your relationships are broken, as I know many are, I pray for you; for peace and comfort!


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