/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

Today you are four years old. The “Wild One”, I have called you. To the beat of a different drum, are all the ways you dance.

You may not remember turning four today, but I will. I adore the posts of memories that remind me of your growth. You are precious and I enjoy watching you learn about all of the things!

Curiosity rules you. The intricate parts, you want to explore them all! The flickering lightbulb is your fixation.

Praying is one of your favorite things! You’re little heart is already learning to worship. You already know that Jesus is the answer and no one will ever change your mind!

Those drum beats are truly your own. But I love the way you think! A world changer! Thats what you are!

To my second little princess, I love you more than there are words!



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