/ composed of elements drawn from various sources.

I found myself in a conversation yesterday, realizing how passionate I was about the subject matter. Then I remembered recently hearing about how your passion is tied to your purpose. What if that is true?

What if your passion is actually tied to your purpose? What are you (or I) not doing that we should be? What makes us – not just survive – but thrive?

My post yesterday was about our minds piling up with junk and looking like a junk yard. But what if that thing we were most passionate about, turned into a black hole (in a good way) that would swallow up all of the trash and the junk that so clouded our thoughts and our judgement?

I do know one thing, this life is certainly a journey. A journey of living and learning. Blessed is the one who keeps learning!

Note: pay attention to yourself, figure out what makes you tick, look for the cues that light your fire, and journal the quest.

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