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This post is going to get down and gritty; in your face raw and transparent. Have you ever had someone that just tested every bit of Jesus you carry? Like even being in the same room with this person (or maybe persons) takes every ounce of energy that you can possibly muster up?

I had chosen one word for a motto for my new year. My one word – LOVE, I was determined to apply to all areas of my life. Then it happened…

That one person that insists on lying, making everything about themselves this huge secret – as if anyone cares, and is just plain annoying, decided to bless me with their presence. (Feel free to insert an eye roll here to denote the mass amount of sarcasm permeating from my being).

……and there it went!


Bye Felicia!

Every bit of grace that I had stored from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, out the window, as lies spewed out like the waterfalls of Niagra, soaking every bystander. That was it. The end. No more “Ms. NiceGirl” that had previously walked on egg-shells.

I very specifically laid out the facts of the web of lies that had, so eloquently, been woven. I presented my facts as to the truth, complete with images and undeniable messages on paper.

Now, before I continue, let me ask a question. If you are going to lie, wouldn’t it be smart to not leave evidence? However when the information presented is strong enough to present a closed case in court, would you realize the folly of your ways and let it go?

Guess what?! Some people won’t! Admittedly, I was in shock. Here I am with documentation and I the response was – “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Clearly you’re wrong.”

Suddenly, I found myself in a wrestling ring, being flung back and forth. Slam! Smack! Punch! Yep, a punch right in the face!

Wait what?! I am wrong? Then it hit me. A simple epiphany…..


Testing. Testing. One. Two. Three…..

If you have a plan, a determination to live by a certain set of rules of, to live up to certain standards, even if imposed on yourself, you will be tested for endurance.

For instance, if you want to be more patient, how can you accomplish this unless you are put into certain situations to be patient? If you want to be more generous, you must be given opportunities to develop generosity, and so on.


Tough Love

My one word quest comes from the Word of God – The Bible. In First Corinthians, chapter 13, verses 4 to 8 (specifically the Amplified version) spells out how I want to see love, receive love, and give love. But as passionately, beautiful as I see this passage, sometimes LOVE must be tough.

Sometimes LOVE must call out nonsense. I love my children, but as they were growing up and it was my job to teach them, I didn’t let them behave any crazy way they wanted to. I loved them enough to call them out on things that were detrimental to their characters and to the world around them.

Even though I wound up in this conversation, thankfully, I wasn’t alone. I was in the midst of some great counselors who also see through to the truth of the matter and were able to encourage me that even when you present love in a tough way, it is still love. We have no control over how the other party will move forward, especially if they choose to keep walking the same path.

I will continue to not just love, but to love well!

Comment and tell me about your latest challenge.

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