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Just Breathe

Just Breathe

There was a moment when Moses had the nerve to ask God what his name is. God was gracious enough to answer, and the name he gave is recorded in the original Hebrew as YHWH.

Over time we’ve arbitrarily added an “a” and an “e” in there to get YaHWeH, presumably because we have a preference for vowels. But scholars and rabbis have noted that the letters YHWH represent breathing sounds, or aspirated consonants. When pronounced without intervening vowels, it actually sounds like breathing. YH (inhale): WH (exhale).

So a baby’s first cry, his first breath, speaks the name of God. A deep sigh calls His name – or a groan or gasp that is too heavy for mere words. Even an atheist would speak His name unaware that their very breathe is giving constant acknowledgment to God. Likewise, a person leaves this earth with their last breath, when God’s name is no longer filing their lungs.

So when I can’t utter anything else, is my cry calling out His name?
Being alive means I speak His name constantly. Is it heard the loudest when I’m the quietest?
In sadness, we breathe heavy sighs. In joy, our lungs feel almost like they will burst. In fear we hold our breath and have to be told to breathe slowly to help us calm down. When we’re about to do something hard, we take a deep breath to find our courage.

When I think about it, breathing is giving him praise. Even in the hardest moments!
This is so beautiful and fills me with emotion every time I grasp the thought. God chose to give himself a name that we can’t help but speak every moment we’re alive. All of us, always, everywhere. Waking, sleeping, breathing, with the name of God on our lips.
– author unknown

To The Beat of a Different Drum

To The Beat of a Different Drum

Today you are four years old. The “Wild One”, I have called you. To the beat of a different drum, are all the ways you dance.

You may not remember turning four today, but I will. I adore the posts of memories that remind me of your growth. You are precious and I enjoy watching you learn about all of the things!

Curiosity rules you. The intricate parts, you want to explore them all! The flickering lightbulb is your fixation.

Praying is one of your favorite things! You’re little heart is already learning to worship. You already know that Jesus is the answer and no one will ever change your mind!

Those drum beats are truly your own. But I love the way you think! A world changer! Thats what you are!

To my second little princess, I love you more than there are words!



A Little Reflection

A Little Reflection

The day is almost over, here where I l live and it’s time for me to do a little reflecting. I made a huge pot of soup yesterday, so I would have it to eat throughout today. My intentions have failed today, or that is sure the way it feels to me.

Later in the afternoon, I did wind up eating a little bit of the soup, but had no original plans to eat out. However, the Trio, complete with a veggie sandwich, loaded potato soup, and Caesar salad, from Nanny Goats did hit the spot. I also was not successful in passing up the mini candy bars.

On top of all that, I joined a Healthy Wage Challenge to get back on track with my “Fit and Fabulous by 50” goals. I’ll have to elaborate more on that soon! I have been recruiting for that as well.

For now, I will know that tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start is definitely in order. More organization and some list completions will also be expected.

I love cheering you on with your journey. Thanks for rooting for me too!

Meet Dalton

Meet Dalton

Today is my son, Dalton’s birthday! In my quest of being intentional, Brad and I are going to take him to lunch! I would love for you to meet him!

What can I say about Dalton, from “mom’s perspective”? So many things! Dalton is a handsome guy and single (wink, wink)! He is extremely responsible. A self taught, Graphic Designer, at the top of his field!

If you are looking for funny and always enthusiastic, look no further. I like to think he has taken some ques from his momma in the projection of positivity! If there is a choice, the glass is always half full!

Creativity oozes from every fiber of his being. Need action? This is your guy! Definitely a problem-solver!

He is a sports car enthusiast, has moved into the realm of motorcycles, and owns his home. Now, I am working on pulling him into the wonderful world of Jeeps! This momma wasn’t too excited about the motorcycle, but he proved his maturity. Safety class, prior to purchase? CHECK!

I could go on and on, BUT today I am anticipating our lunch date! So I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pics.

Jeep Intentionally

Jeep Intentionally

This post wont be long today, but I want to tell you about a Jeep Meet! What is this, you say?  A group of jeep-enthusiasts coming together to maybe have dinner or to go wheeling.

There are a lot of Jeep groups out there. Many have planned events throughout each month. Some even arrange fun times one time every week.

We have been encouraging our kids to be involved and even gotten our grandbabies involved. Our oldest little princess is now 5 years old. She had gotten very vocal about wanting to join in the festivities!


Tonight we will be hanging with a few groups together around a table of food. I also have a bag of ducks for Alyssa to spread some ducky-love. But that is a post for another time.

I want all of my grandbabies to enjoy time spent with Mimi and Poppy. I want them to learn what it means to love intentionally – even with Jeeps and Tacos!


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